Zachary Zane Talks #WeNeedAButton on Savage Lovecast

By Group August 21, 2019

Zachary Zane was one of two guests on Episode 669 of Savage Lovecast, the advice-cast by Dan Savage. He discussed his own personal hellcare story, the importance behind #WeNeedAButton, how almost everybody we’ve spoke to has had a hellcare story, and how crucial it is that everyone get involved!


Instead of petitions, we’re asking people to take a butt-selfie (belfie) and share their story/why they support #WeNeedAButton.


Magnum subscribers: listen to Zachary talk about DatingPositives‘ #WeNeedAButton campaign!

(It’s only $5 dollars.)


He starts at 105:50:00 …..


Stay Positive!