Why Is This Weed Making Me Anxious?!

By Dating.com Group February 26, 2019

Weed can unlock creativity. It can reduce pain and anxiety. It can make sex amazing.


…But it can also make you anxious and paranoid. Nothing is worse than a bad high, but sometimes understanding WHY it might be a bad high can help you avoid similar scenarios in the future. We asked one west-coast pothead and one east-coast pothead to provide some guidance to help you avoid a bad experience.


West coast tip: If your body isn’t relaxed, it’s much harder to enjoy weed. 


Many times, weed enhances what’s already going on in your body. So if you’re very tense, that may feel amplified when you get high, which in turn may cause anxiety. To avoid this, workout or stretch before smoking. If your body feels good, your high is likely to be better.



East coast tip: Do all of the important things BEFORE you get high!


This may sound like a no-brainer, but don’t put yourself in a stressful situation while you’re stoned. It may…stress you out (duh)! Order and pay for delivery BEFORE you smoke. Send that important work email BEFORE you hit the vape. Take care of the important stuff and then relax. Otherwise, you may find yourself stressed and unable to function properly.



West coast tip: Get a strain that’s lower in THC and higher in CBD.

The THC levels in modern-day marijuana are astronomically higher than they were 40 years ago. High levels of THC creates a very powerful high – to the point where they can be on the border of psychedelic. Lower levels of THC means a more mellow vibe. If you’re prone to weed-induced anxiety and you live in a place where you have control over what you imbibe, try a much lower level of THC. If you normally smoke sativas, try an indica.



East coast tip: Make sure you’re feeling good mentally.

Weed can enhance feelings that are already there physically, and it can do the same emotionally. If you’re stressed and anxious  and are relying on weed to relax and distract you, at times that plan can backfire. If you’ve followed the above advice and still feel anxious when smoking weed, then maybe you need to address whatever’s going on inside your head in a different way.


Stay positive!