White House Launches Program Providing Free PrEP to Uninsured Patients

By Dating.com Group December 03, 2019

According to AP News the department of Health and Human Services today announced the launch of a program that will help uninsured people get PrEP for free.


This is part of the 45th POTUS’ 1o year plan to “end the country’s HIV epidemic by 2030.”


The hope is for the increased usage of PrEP. Currently, only about 18% of those who could benefit from the drug are taking it. The drug’s 2K monthly price tag is one of the barriers preventing people from obtaining and adhering to the preventative measure.


Gilead, the maker of the only two brands of PrEP sold in the US, has donated enough supply for 200,000 people over the next decade.


People who are uninsured can sign up by filling out information on GetYourPrEP.com. Those who are approved will be sent a special card in the mail which they can take to the pharmacy to get their doses of PrEP. You still need a doctor’s prescription, which is another barrier (#WeNeedAButton).


Are you going to sign up for a card? Tell us how your experience goes by sending us an email at stories@waxoh.com


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