Where’s The STI Screening Recommendation For Straight Dudes?!

By Dating Positives January 07, 2019

If you so happen to be perusing through the CDC’s basic recommendations for STI screenings, you’ll notice something peculiar…



There’s women, pregnant women, men who have sex with men, but men who have sex with women are absent from this list.


If you click into the CDC’s more thorough and STI-specific recommendations, “men” do appear here and there, but it’s always followed by things like,  “Consider screening young men in high prevalence clinical settings or in populations with high burden of infection” or “Men at increased risk” or “if risk factors are present.”


The CDC’s recommendations – like our society at large – places the onus of sexual health and responsibility onto women, and seems to indicate that only men who sleep with men are at risk of contracting and spreading sexually transmitted infections.


In a world that is coming to grips with the increase in STIs, perhaps it’s time to change these recommendations so that everyone is encouraged to take ownership over their sexual health.