When Attachment Becomes A Way To Survive

By Courtney Brame February 06, 2020

Last week we talked a lot about power, social justice and consent on Part 1 of this special two-part episode of Something Positive for Positive People. Here’s where we get into the herpes stuff. A number of things stand out to me this episode. If you listened to episode one, you’ll understand how this internalized misconception of consent and patriarchal power both play a major role in how Leslie responds to men in sort of an obedient way, if you will. In this part, we move onto relationships and attachment.


I get asked often why women seem more accepting than men on the topic and typically, many men haven’t had to face any stigmatization or marginalization without consequence, therefore there’s a lack or absence of empathy in that compartment. With the privilege we carry to be able to dismiss marginalization, it’s clear that this plays a factor in why people who are queer, identify as women, or women of marginalized communities are often more accepting than men are when it comes to being presented with a partner’s positive herpes status.


This episode on attachment is certainly worth the listen and please, I encourage you to finish part 1 if you haven’t already before listening to this one so there’s more clarity and understanding.



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