What Does It Mean to Be ‘Too Much’ Emotionally?

By Courtney Brame February 27, 2020

I’m new to this whole emotions thing and the more I learn, the more curious I become.


One question that comes up for me is around emotional awareness. I’m often in emotionally intense energy exchanges and don’t know what’s mine or theirs, and this makes me wonder what it is that I actually feel.


When alone, I go back and forth between “Do I feel nothing?” or “Is this what it’s like to feel everything?”


I’m learning to appreciate this space of meditation and allow it to be a guide for me to connect with my own healing (before that shadow casts itself out onto the world around me, projecting things I had no idea were happening within me).


I really wanna shoutout Michelle Cassandra Johnson, author of the book, “Skill in Action.” I attended a workshop she put together here in St. Louis at Brick City Yoga through Yoga Buzz. I won’t give away much of what was shared beyond the meditation question, “Where am I from?”


Meditating on this, I found myself back in a memory as if it were the present. I was in my child body experiencing the energy of the first home I lived in. The feelings made my body heavy and I managed to pull two words out of the experience that reflected the memory I was in, controlled and emotionless. This explains my pursuit of freedom and why I’m in a space of so much emotional intensity.


Revisiting the environment we come from can provide insight to how we got to where we are now and that certainly is true in my experience. This yoga teacher training is bringing me into the depths of my being and I’m learning the importance of centering and connecting to oneself.


Episode 120 is a meditation on these meditations, if you will. Enjoy, and stay positive.