What Are Some Basic Sexpectations Everyone Should Have in 2019?

By Dating.com Group October 10, 2019

We asked DatingPositives spokesperson Josh Robbins for his list of sexpectations that he uses when communicating and interacting with potential sexual partners on sites and apps.


Here’ what he said!


Sexpectations for Dating in 2019


1) Consent is only good for the present request at the present time.
Consent can be withdrawn at any time.

“It is completely possible that it may not happen when you finally meet— and that no means no, and to exit gracefully,” says Robbins. “Essentially, the attitude of not having an expectation works best.”


Basically, just don’t be selfish and be “ready” for sexy time.


2) They look like the photos that were sent and/or received.

It’s reasonable to expect that the person you’ve been communicating with looks how they have represented themselves on their profile.


3) Specific sexpectations have been set and the people involved are prepared for it as discussed (barrier methods, being douched, being showered, or not, depending on what was agreed upon).

There’s a saying: “if you can’t talk about sex with someone before having it, maybe you shouldn’t have sex with them!” Having discussions before the encounter is completely reasonable, as it gives everyone involved a chance to share their desires, plus set boundaries so everyone has a good time.


4) That they are on time and don’t leave anybody waiting around.

…With the understanding that sometimes things do happen that are beyond our control and best intentions.

At the very least, communication should happen so people are up to date if someone’s running late.

Even if you’re stuck in an elevator.


5) That if sexual health was discussed or required that it was honest and forthcoming.


Stay positive everyone!