We’re not cheeky, we just want empathetic healthcare services; no ifs ands or BUTTS.
The bottom line is this: we need a button to know if doctors are LGBTQ-friendly.

Our Mission

Queer people often have no way of knowing whether or not their healthcare provider is queer-friendly until they have a negative experience.

This makes the process of finding a trusted medical professional stressful. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

In addition to raising awareness on this issue, we are asking all of the major patient matching sites to incorporate a button that can be used to filter queer friendly doctors in all disciplines.

Patient-matching sites: tell us who the queer-friendly doctors are. Come up with an actual vetting process. The burden should not be on us!


If you are an LGBTQ organization or activist with a stake in improving healthcare experiences for the community, you have a role and voice in this conversation. Your participation is crucial!



Since the launch of #WeNeedAButton in June, the campaign has been covered nationally in publications and podcasts.




& many more!



We’re spreading awareness by harnessing social media and letting people do what they love to do online: show off. Instead of signing a petition, we ask that everyone who is with us post a belfie (a butt selfie) in solidarity, using the hashtag #WeNeedAButton.


Have fun with it & keep your clothes on! And be sure to tag @waxoh_news on Instagram and @DatingPositives on Twitter.



We’re searching for like-minded partners in order to strengthen our voice and continue this crucial conversation.


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Thanks to all of our wonderful partners who are helping us spread the word!


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