We Need Spaces Where We Can Be Ourselves And Not Be Judged

By Dating.com Group June 26, 2019

Unique Jenkins, actress, speaks on her healthcare experiences:


“When I’m not seeing a queer-friendly doctor, I’m looked at differently because I’m not a typical female.


The experience feels cold.


I feel like I’m there for a long time.


There’s always an experiment type of vibe.


When I was in LA I had an appointment to get a pap smear done and it was fucking traumatic.


They weren’t sensitive to the fact that I don’t sleep with men. It was so bad, I’m afraid to get another one done – not without knowing that my doctor will make an effort to make the experience better. Doctors need to be more caring and understanding.


You don’t have to be all lovey-dovey with this, but just understand where we’re coming from, and care. Because we’re getting up close and personal, so we want to feel relaxed. At the end of the day we want to feel confident and secure.”