We Need Doctors Who Believe Us

By Emily Lowinger July 15, 2019

Top surgery was a rough experience for Shana, a Brooklyn resident and social work student.


“I was on my parents’ insurance and so I was trying to get the procedure covered, and the first thing was that my insurance company essentially said I wasn’t trans because I wasn’t on testosterone,” Shana explained.


Even though Shana is non-binary and has never been interested in hormones, there was a point where they actually considered trying it so the surgery would be covered under their insurance. “On top of that, one of the few surgeons in the area who was covered by my plan was super rude,” Shana added.


He didn’t respect their pronouns, and kept calling it cosmetic surgery.


“Many surgeons who perform top surgery are trained as plastic surgeons. They think what they’re doing is a cosmetic, surface-level change, when really, top surgery was something I felt I needed in order to feel more alive in my body. I was lucky enough to get funding so I could find a different surgeon.”


That was a year ago, and despite the rough beginnings, Shana is thrilled by the results of their surgery. “But not everyone is,” Shana said. “Especially those who are limited in their choices or who just can’t find the right doctor.”


This is why #WeNeedAButton.

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