Holiday Gifts: Thinking Outside The Box

By Dating Positives November 28, 2018

It’s almost December, and for those of us who celebrate holidays that involve gift-giving, here comes the stress!!


It can feel like such an obligation to go shopping for loved ones, not because you don’t love them, but because of the high expectations. This feeling of pressure can take the fun away from gift giving, and that’s a shame. But never fear, DatingPositives has some fun ideas to help you think outside the box when doing your holiday shopping!


Experiential vs Material

Getting someone a material item (clothes, books, toys) for a gift is fun because you get to see them unwrap the item and hold it up for everyone to see. It’s great…unless the shirt doesn’t fit, they’ve read the book already, or they simply don’t have anymore space for action figures in their house. Nothing is worse than watching someone fake a “this is great” smile in front of you. So many times, we return gifts or allocate them to the re-gift pile.


This year, try thinking of an experience you can give someone, as opposed to a physical item. It can be as extravagant as a helicopter flying lesson, or as simple as a nice dinner out to a themed restaurant the person has always wanted to go to. Tickets to see a play or concert, a cooking or cocktail-making class, a spa day, or even a DatingPositives membership: these experiences won’t take up physical space in your loved one’s house or apartment and the thoughtfulness will definitely be noticed.


Try Shopping Small-Scale / Reused / Upcycled

Maybe this is the year to slow things down and get your loved one something that’s upcycled, reused, repurposed, or made by a small business. Check out a thrift store, shop at a mom and pop, or try a site like Etsy, which features crafty people making all sorts of interesting things. There’s also depop, a peer-to-peer social shopping app where you can find cool, vintage clothing (especially denim jeans!).


Get Your Craft On!

Low on cash this year? What about getting your craft on and making your own present? Use any crafty skill you have to make people gifts, like knitting, pottery, simple jewelry making, painting, song-writing…


Are you not a crafty person? Any crafts store will have kits that make creating things easy and almost fool-proof.


But what if the gift I make isn’t perfect? Yeah, it’s quite possible your homemade gift won’t be absolutely “perfect” the way something store-bought would be, but the effort will show and will be appreciated.



Happy gifting and stay positive!


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