‘The Needs Of The LGBT Community Are Always Just An Afterthought’

By Emily Lowinger June 28, 2019

Jose Rosales began his healthcare story with how he was denied Truvada by his insurance company a few years ago. They just didn’t have it on their approved list of covered medications. He was eventually able to get a prescription a year ago, under a different plan.


“I guess I was finally able to get it because of New York,” Jose said. “I can’t imagine people in other parts of the country having to sort of go through this sort of their insurance policy sort of covering because they don’t see it as important. It feels like the needs of the LGBT community are always just an afterthought.”


Why #WeNeedAButton

“Right now I do happen to have a queer-friendly doctor…but there can be a long waiting period,” Jose added. “Now the community is doing the whole FUBU thing, For Us By Us…but it doesn’t feel like there’s enough supply to meet the demand. We need to encourage more queer people to go into medicine. And we have to do a better job at spreading the word so people know who the queer friendly doctors are.”