The Herpes Cure: A $2K Lesson

By Courtney Brame November 11, 2019

After a diagnosis, we’re left extremely vulnerable. Some would even call themselves desperate. Unfortunately, we live in a world where people smell that vulnerability and desperation and they target us with a “herpes cure” for our suffering before we even begin to understand what our diagnosis means to us.



Often you’ll see social media pages with a Gmail account in their profile and a single post indicating it’s a newer page. These pages comment on posts that use STD related hashtags for visibility. The post often looks like someone giving thanks to a doctor whose last name you can’t pronounce and they say they’ve been cured of a disease and that the doctor they’re singing their praises to can cure ALL disease.



I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with a few people who took the jump to purchase but were too embarrassed to share their experience because they were burned in one way or another. Our guest this week is shameless Lindsay! She shares additional details about the red flags she missed when searching desperately for a cure for herpes.



At the time of this podcast release, there is no known cure for the herpes simplex virus. There’s no incentive for there to be a vaccine or cure for this virus that lives in the nerves and causes outbreaks on the surface of the skin. What happens when we are all equipped with the tools to navigate stigma and demand a cure or vaccine? Now that would likely be a game changer, and this podcast will be a tool for history at that point because the herpes virus will no longer be a prevalent issue that only lives in the silence/safety of community.



I challenge you to listen to this prior to making your purchase of these miracle herbs and ask yourself how you know the virus is eliminated from your nerves? How do you know you won’t have outbreaks? Given how common herpes is, what happens if you’re exposed to the virus again at some point? If you’re cured, can you still pass it on? Empower yourself with information prior to investing your money into one of these spammers.


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