The Dating Zone

By Brendan Windsor November 27, 2018

It was a dark and stormy night. After hours of multiple emojis and abbreviations, an event that would possibly change the outcome of two lives finally solidified. The two individuals now have an agreed meeting time and place: an occasion dedicated to finding out whether the attraction and supposed similarities are worth the journey into…The Dating Zone.


For as long as anyone can remember, the dating stages prior to settling down with someone have been interesting to say the least. The awkward interview questions, wondering whether or not you should order a normal meal, deciding if you should break out the good credit card, and hopes of getting laid are all part of The Dating Zone that plenty wish they could skip over—other than the getting laid part.


The rise of dating apps has changed many of these things. Details about a person’s life and profession can usually be found somewhere on the internet, if it’s not already on their dating profile. Direct messaging helps weed out the undesirables—sometimes. Even though these things are in place, many still get it wrong. The ability to serial date via these apps has truly changed dating etiquette in general. Ahead are ways to alter or enhance the way you may approach the dating scene in order to have the best possible experience.


Don’t Believe The Hype


Many dating sites like to advertise success stories of those that have met, fell in love, and went on to live happily ever after, thereby triggering you to rush on and spend your money in hopes of finding the same thing immediately. You need to remember that they’re showing you one or two couples out of the millions of people that now use online dating. Go at your own pace. The first, second, or even third person you connect with will not necessarily be your soulmate. If they do, God bless you and play lotto.


Be Transparent


The worst thing in the dating world are people that waste both your time and theirs by not being forthcoming with their intentions. If you only want to hook up or get laid, let the individual know that first and foremost so they can decide how they’d like to proceed. Do not procrastinate further and waste time that could’ve been spent on you actually finding someone on the same wavelength and the other person finding their special someone.


Speak English


Emojis and acronyms have snuck in and completely taken over the English language –and others – in ways that cannot fully be explained. You can rarely get through a few sentences now without someone abbreviating a word or using an emoji in place of a word. It’s time to use your words again, especially in the dating world. No more “ILU”, “WYD”, “HMU”, and the godforsaken eggplant emojis. Talk to a person normally. Leave the abbreviations and emojis to the teens. You’re in the dating scene to hopefully find yourself an adult that loves to do adult things…writing properly should definitely be one of those things.


Current Photos Only


The old adage that goes, “you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar” only pertains to those whose honey isn’t decade old photos that will get you doused in vinegar when future dating prospects see that it’s no longer you. Yes, you were a solid piece back in college or on particular vacations. Unless it’s a more recent photo of you, do not use it. You cannot have photos of you with long blonde hair and then pop up to your date with an Ellen cut. You cannot promote yourself with a fresh shaven face, then pop up with a patchy beard or face tattoos. You can use photos that are up to six months old maximum as profile pictures to lure in future dating candidates. Anything else can almost qualify as cat-fishing.


Be Yourself


Another big problem sometimes during dating is that not everyone is comfortable with who they are and what they can bring into a relationship—which sometimes results in people embellishing who they are or what they do. This is not necessary for many reasons, and it’s unhealthy for your well-being in general. When you’re trying to date someone, the best thing for the both of you is for you to be who you are. Own everything about yourself, even the little things that may bother you. Do not fake having the better job or the better lifestyle because eventually the other person will find out one way or another. If you can’t be yourself around a person, you don’t need to be around that person anyways. Your goal is to find that person that will have unbridled love and passion for you and vice versa. That cannot happen if you’re trying to be someone that isn’t even in the room. You have to love yourself first before you can love someone else.