Top 7 Gay Besties, Fictional And IRL

By Brendan Windsor February 01, 2019

Friendships have been a social cornerstone since the beginning of time. A particular friendship that tends to be special is that between straight and gay people. In this day and age, it’s not a surprise that a good portion of both straight women and straight men have themselves the forever coveted “gay bestie.” Perhaps because of this, the trope of the gay bestie is used all over narrative media. Here are the top 7 gay besties – some fictional and some real people – that have captivated the world and their straight counterparts.


Will Truman

Portrayed by the wonderful Eric McCormack, Will Truman is the magnificent other half from the iconic show Will and Grace. Starting out as Grace Adler’s boyfriend prior to coming out, Will not only became the best friend that Grace could ask for over the years but also transcended the American view that most gay men were flamboyant.


Sir Ian McKellen

Is probably one of the more prominent gay besties that you’ll see on this list. Sir Ian’s friendship with Patrick Stewart is certainly best friend goals all around. Knowing each other forever and then becoming closer after filming the X-men movie, Ian and Patrick went on to do several plays and movies together. The public affection and love that these two have portrayed, is the true definition of bromance.


Titus Andromedon

Adding a special flair to this list is the charismatic Titus Andromedon, from the Netflix hit show Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Titus befriends the over the top extrovert Kimmy, and helps her quickly catch up on all the years she lost being held captive in a bunker. Titus shows us his special ways on being a great best friend and boyfriend to a few of the characters in the show.


Ellen Degeneres

Quite possibly America’s best friend since Oprah left daytime television, Ellen makes this list as a phenomenal gay bestie. Inspiring everyone around the world with happiness, love, her funny wit and charitable ways, Ellen has shown many others how to be there for your fellow man and woman during a time when we desperately need to be.


Jack McFarland

One of my personal favorite gay besties on this list is none other than the hilarious Jack McFarland—otherwise known as Just Jack. Also from the iconic Will & Grace, Jack was that friend who we all wish we had. He brought such a humorous light to each one of his friendships on the show and always had a positive vibe before it was cool to have positive vibes.


Andy Cohen

Late night talk show extraordinaire, Andy Cohen, makes this list as he also defines what you’d look for in a gay bestie. He’s loyal, discreet, and honest to those around him. He just seems to be an all-around positive person – the type you’d want beside you through thick and thin.


Sarah Paulson

Arguably the Queen of Wednesday nights, Sarah Paulson has been described as a breath of fresh air from her cast mates in the hit series American Horror Story. More recently after filming a couple of movies together, her and Sandra Bullock’s acquaintanceship has blossomed into an unbelievable friendship that makes everybody want such a relationship.