The #1 Way to Kick Herpes’ Ass

By Conor Monahan November 14, 2018

Did you know that 3 out of 4 Americans have herpes? That’s more popular than the new Wonder Woman franchise. So why aren’t the majority of us actively taking steps to prevent a future outbreak?


Our individual immune response–the body’s natural defense—does a really good job fighting the herpes virus on our behalf. Most of the time, our immune system beats the virus into submission. Like the villain in a superhero movie, the herpes virus then hides in its lair and waits for a chance to strike again, with the hopes of taking control of our mouths or genitals with cold sores.

Numbers: Only 1 in 5 of us who have the herpes virus actually show symptoms. That’s ‘cus our Immune System is kicking ass on our behalf!


But if you think you can just kick back and let your body do all the hard work, think again. In fact, one of the most effective ways to mitigate the risk of transmission is to play the sidekick and nurture your body’s internal superhero, The Immune System!



What are the best ways to keep the immune system in super, six-pack, spandex-sporting, shape?



Listen to your body. If you’re not hitting snooze because Happy Hour turned into Happy Hour(s), then it could be your body trying to tell you how much sleep it needs to stay healthy. Irregularity and lack of sleep often lead to illness.


Ignoring warning signs may lead to a variety of illnesses, during which time the Herpes Virus is more likely to express itself, wreaking havoc on your personal life.


Hero Tip: See how many hours of sleep you may need at the National Sleep Foundation, and head over to PubMed for a more in-depth look at sleep and the immune system.




Check all the boxes you know you should, and then some. This approach is less about avoiding foods you love and more about ensuring you incorporate some of the most beneficial ones into your normal diet.


Find a daily place in your eating to include more fresh vegetables and greens–Harvard Medical School discusses the importance of “micronutrients” at greater length here.


The bottom line is that basic nutrients found within natural foods, i.e. not that box of mac & cheese, nourish your immune system, helping turn away everything from outbreaks to the common cold.


Hero Tip: A salad a day cannot be replaced by any supplement, pill or powder. Here are a handful of salads to work into your routine that should help keep the doctor away, and compliment your mac & cheese!



Stay informed of all treatment options for when you feel an outbreak is coming. Sometimes the effects of stress are just too powerful for us humans; gain the upper hand by confronting symptoms in their tracks and returning control back to your life.


Hero Tip: Treatment is readily available in herbal and traditional measures.

For times when the bad guys are strongest, it’s ok to call in a little extra help from beyond the salad bar to help return you back to your most confident self.


Remember that stress triggers may not be the same for everyone, so a healthy immune system is your best chance at a happy and sore-free lifestyle.


While research continues to circle around new and effective ways to maximize health, we support the tried and true approach: a healthy and moderate lifestyle which boosts your immunity and lets your inner superhero fly.


Conor Monahan is a WAXOH contributor and editor at