Do You Speak To Everyone This Way?

By Dating Positives June 27, 2019

These are the words of Sarah Doneghy, an activist, actor, and performer.


“One of my biggest things with healthcare is providers assuming I’m straight because I’m femme,” Sarah says.


“It always feels inappropriate and it’s always the same kind of thing: ‘I thought you were straight. You’re bisexual? Who are you dating now?’


This has even happened to me during actual exams. It used to baffle me, but now I’ve found more of a voice. Sometimes this happens and I’m just like, ‘Did you seriously just ask me that?’


And then I think, ‘Are you speaking this way to other people?’


Doctors, nurses: get professional. Because this is not the kind of small talk I want to be having with you. Let’s stick to the weather.”



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