QueerDoc Offers Queer and Gender-Affirming Care, Completely Online

By Dating.com Group November 13, 2019

Dr. Crystal Beal is queer and non-binary, so they know better than anyone the struggles of going to a doctor’s office when you need queer and gender-affirming care.


They did an interview on NPR’s Marketplace, where they explained that “Unfortunately, there are definitely people who have been totally turned away from a doctor’s office for being gender-diverse, just completely refused care. And then there’s all the other kind of traumas that happen when we go into the doctor’s office, when they don’t use our name or pronouns. They don’t even have forms that include our gender on them. We might get a doctor who really doesn’t know how to offer the medical care we need.”


Dr. Beal recognized that issues are compounded for those who live in rural areas, which is why they started QueerDoc: a completely online doctor’s office for LGBTQ patients.


Anyone living in Washington State and Alaska (and soon Idaho) can use QueerDoc for things like: contraceptive services, PrEP or PEP prescriptions, hormone therapy, surgery and mental health referrals, and STI screenings.


Right now, QueerDoc is a relatively small operation: it’s them and one additional provider. Dr. Beal told Marketplace that because they don’t accept insurance and work on a sliding scale (because let’s remember the other ENORMOUS obstacle between queer folks and medicine is the price), they also have a job in addiction medicine so they can pay their bills.


It sounds like quite the hustle, but they seem a lot happier than when they were working in primary care, which left them feeling burnt out — which is indicative of how our medical industrial complex is bad for both patients and doctors who truly care.


It’s great to see #WNAB superstars at work. We need more providers like this!

And we need a way to know that a provider we are visiting in person will respect us for who we are, which is why #WeNeedAButton


Stay positive!