POTUS Pledges To End HIV Transmissions By 2030

By Dating.com Group February 05, 2019

The president is planning on announcing a plan to end HIV transmissions by the year 2030 at this evening’s State of the Union address, according to Politico.


Such a plan coming from the same president who shuttered the Office of National AIDS Policy in January 2017, and in December of 2017 fired his HIV/AIDS advisory panel with no explanation and didn’t replace them for over a year (last week, to be exact) leaves some in the LGBTQ and STI communities scratching their heads, and others downright enraged.


The president has had a pretty terrible track record with the LGBTQ community, one of the populations most affected by HIV/AIDS, so many see this as a desperate and ill-fated attempt to gain support.


We’ll continue our coverage on this once the president makes his address. Until then, stay positive!