Positive Bisexuality & An Ever-Evolving Exqueerience

By Courtney Brame June 21, 2019

Episode 87 of Something Positive for Positive People features Soraia Papaya, who uses she/they pronouns. Whenever I go into an interview, I set the standard that I would probably say the wrong thing or ask a ridiculous question. Fortunately everyone so far has been cool in correcting me. I asked about their use of she/they pronouns, some stereotypes within stereotypes around bisexuality such as this inherent belief of hyper promiscuity, inherent nonmonogamy, and association with transphobia which was completely new to me. We talk about this bi erasure through a push toward pansexuality in order to not exclude trans folx. There’s also this idea that bisexual people aren’t sure of their sexuality, and Soraia talks through her own experiences facing some of these stereotypes on the latest episode of Something Positive for Positive People.


I’d say until recent conversations, I’ve shared some beliefs in some misconceptions as well. The thing about assumptions is that we’re either so confident in them that they don’t come up, or they don’t come up because we fear receiving a negative response from the person we ask. It can almost be perceived as a form of rejection if we approach it from a right/wrong standpoint. It’s about allowing ourselves to be redirected so that we can be more connected. In being able to speak with Soraia and sharing it on SPFPP, I hope you’re able to challenge your own assumptions and allow for deeper, more evolved connections to take place in your life.

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Stay Sex Positive!


Courtney W. Brame is the Founder of Something Positive for Positive People, a hub of sex-positive resources.