Politeness Serves Power: Why #WeNeedAButton

By Courtney Brame January 30, 2020

Part 1 of this podcast episode discusses sexism, racism, ableism, elitism in the medical field. We dive into the discomfort and unhappiness that people may need to feel in order for systems to change.


We explore capitalism and oppression of women and I gotta say, I really enjoyed the thrill I got going so deep here exploring consent, STIs, capitalism and all of Leslie’s passions… all before we even get to her positive herpes diagnosis. We explore the role power plays in upholding the current systems of oppression and white supremacy in place.


About this week’s guest: Leslie is a 3rd year PhD student studying power, privilege, and oppression through the lens of anti-capitalism. Her research focus is on white supremacy and male supremacy, especially in the context of online cultures. Her work on anti-oppression, love of the internet, and skill with general tomfoolery can be seen at its best on her Instagram meme page, @makegodgayagain



Courtney W. Brame is the Founder of Something Positive for Positive People, a hub of sex-positive resources. 
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