4 Ways To Make The Sex Better Before Even Meeting

By Dating Positives September 20, 2018

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, there’s been lots of discussions around sex and consent.

At DatingPositives, we encourage our members to be proactive in finding out what your potential partner wants, before meeting up in person!

This will make practicing active, vocalized consent (“can I do this?” …. “yes”) easier to do in person, which makes sex better for everyone 🙂


But how do you get started when you’re in the first stages of online dating?

Here are some ways:


1. Invest A Little Time In Getting To Know The Person
For some people, there’s nothing more thrilling than a quick, one-night stand with someone they barely know. But for a lot of people, sex is better when they feel comfortable with the person. To feel comfortable with someone, you have to know them, at least a little bit. DatingPositives features unlimited photo sharing, and a live video chat feature, which will help you get to know that potential partner before jumping into the sack.


2. Simply Ask What The Other Person Likes in the Bedroom
When messaging someone on a dating site, there can come that moment when you’ve both established that you’re interested in meeting, that you’re attracted to one another (at least the photos or video chats you’ve seen), and that perhaps down the line, you’d like to get naked together. This is the perfect time to type out one of the juiciest messages ever: What do you like? This is a great chance to find out if the person has special likes, dislikes, or things they want to try.
IMPORTANT: just because you then start sexting and sharing your sexual fantasies doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed to come true when you meet. You still need active consent in person before anything happens.


3. Ask About Their Best Sex Ever
Another great question to ask a potential partner is if they would describe their best sexual encounter thus far. Ask what was so amazing about it, and for as much detail as they’re willing to share. That will give you a little insight as to their history, and what they find great about sex. Keep these things in mind!


4. Ask About Any Don’ts And Nevers
As hot as it is to find out about someone’s preferences in bed, it’s almost more important to find out if the person has anything on their list of Never.Gonna.Happen when it comes to the bedroom. It might be triggering for them, or it just might be something they don’t like doing or having done. Better to find out in advance, than by accidentally killing the mood.


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