New Year’s Eve Date Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

By Group December 27, 2019

Have you been searching for something to do on New Year’s Eve with someone special?


You’ve probably stumbled upon dance parties, yacht parties, DJ XYZ playing at the club…etc., etc.

The thing all these events have in common is the price tag.


For some reason, New Year’s is an excuse for restaurants, clubs, and music venues to charge quadruple the price. Which is fine, except for those of us who are already broke from the holiday season.


This NYE is special – we’re shifting into a new decade!

So here are ideas for ways to make it a night you and your date won’t forget…without breaking the bank.


An Evening of Tarot Cards & Self-Care

All you need are some tarot cards (and if you don’t have those, regular playing cards can be used to read tarot…just ask the internet for help), some candles, and anything else you want to set the mood (lotions, massage equipment, sex toys for later, etc). Cook a nice, healthy meal for your date. Get a nice bottle of wine if you two drink. You can set the scene with your candles and do some readings together. Tarot is a great way to not only reflect on the past, but to set intentions for the New Year. And if you’re in a new relationship or just getting to know someone, Tarot can be a great way to get to know them better.


And the best part about this plan is, you’ll already be home in case things start to get steamy 😉


Active Self-Love on NYE

If you live in a big-ish city, odds are there is a race happening on New Year’s Eve near you. They tend to be 5K races, which is a little over 3 miles, but you can totally walk if that’s too much to run. Depending on when you register and what city you’re in, participation can cost anywhere between $15 and $60.


Same goes with yoga studios…many offer a NYE class, and attending and doing your final poses into the New Year is a great way to set the tone for a happy, healthy, and active new year. And when comparing the cost of that to going out (remember, cover charge PLUS all the drinks), it’s a lot cheaper!


The Good Ol’ Fashioned House Party

Still want a party vibe but can’t afford the club prices? Throw one yourself! That way, you get the convenience of being at your place, with all the fun of being surrounded by a group. Have people pitch in and bring different beverages so it’s not all on you.


Netflix and Chill

Yes…it’s perfectly OK to do this on NYE if that’s the vibe you two want. You and your date can pick your favorite movies of the year –  or of the decade  – and if you still have cable, you can always switch to the ball drop when it’s countdown time.



If you want to spend NYE doing something free that will also help other people in need, see if you and your date can volunteer at a local church, soup kitchen, animal shelter, Veteran’s Association, etc.


However you decide to spend the last night of this decade, remember: it’s not what you do, or how much money you spend, it’s about being with people you care about.


Stay sex positive!