Memories Of Prides Past

By Group June 14, 2019

Pride has been happening in many forms, for many years, in many places.


In honor of this momentous WorldPride celebration (50 years since Stonewall), we asked people to share their memories of past prides and received stories from from all over the country.



“My first PRIDE I attended, I was overwhelmed by number of hateful protestors that used religion and God as a means to express their personal displeasure with a group of people they hated. But on the other hand, I did go and take a selfie with the nasty signs. I think they started to like me, or at least hate me a little less.” – Josh Robbins, Nashville, TN



“When I lived in D.C. Pride was always the best. The parade would pass right by my apartment building so I’d get to watch it from my roof. I remember people dancing on top of the bus stop shelters and it being a really positive experience.” – Drew Schwartz, Charleston, SC


“Remembering Pulse nightclub shooting was one of the most powerful Pride events I’ve ever been to.” – Robert Farrin, New York



“Last summer was my first time witnessing any sort of Pride celebration and I was in NYC at the time, and I had no idea it was going on I was just meeting a friend for lunch in the area – I was astounded in the best way possible!! I was immediately sucked in by all the energy, noise, colors. I remember feeling a little warm and fuzzy just watching, and then eventually joining the people in the sidelines, who were all cheering and supporting the cause! It was a very memorable experience even though I was just a clueless bystander, especially cause in Singapore same sex marriage isn’t even legal so it was really heart-warming to see EVERYBODY come together to celebrate.” – Angie, Philadelphia


Stay positive!