‘Look At Me Like I’m Human’

By Emily Lowinger June 25, 2019

Like all of us queers, Mark Osmundsen has many messed up healthcare stories to choose from, but when I interviewed him for the WaxOh’s #WeNeedAButton campaign, there was one he just had to tell me about.


One of the craziest parts of this story is that it took place at one of NYU’s medical facilities. Given that NYU has a reputation for being one of the gayest schools in the area, Mark couldn’t believe how he was treated.


“I was probably around 22, and I was experiencing something in my anus…it possibly could have been sex-related, but I didn’t know. It didn’t seem like an STD. So, I found a doctor through NYU and I went to her and she inspected me. She said – and I’ll never forget this – ‘Well, that’s what you can expect when you put things up there that you shouldn’t.’


I was so taken aback, and the best part was, it ended up being a fissure, which is not sexually transmitted. It had nothing to do with sex, at all. To me, the craziest part of my story is that it happened in New York City. I can only imagine what people across the country deal with. Doctors need to look at us like we’re human. Understand that our community is not based around sex. And stop viewing me and my queerness – or my gayness – from the lens of sexual acts.”

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