Josh Robbins Reacts to JVN’s Disclosure of HIV Status

By Group September 23, 2019

Jonathan Van Ness has gone public about, among other things, the fact that he is living with HIV.


Josh Robbins, DatingPositives spokesperson and HIV advocate, has this to say about JVN’s recent public disclosure:


“When JVN went to coffee with the NYT to talk HIV, it means something big and meaningful. As always, I wish someone diagnosed with HIV wasn’t newsworthy because of the elimination of stigma, but until that time comes, when a celebrity joins the large, vocal community to discuss sexual health it has a positive impact.


JVN has a platform that has the attention of the LGBT community already and with the transparency and authenticity to JVN’s story that we are witnessing unfold publicly is inspiring and beneficial to helping those living with HIV not experience stigma, shame, and eventually help extend healthcare to those most marginalized by the system. Although the news doesn’t change my opinion about JVN, the manner in which JVN decided to reveal something that shouldn’t be public knowledge is a ‘yass queen’ moment in time! . This diagnosis will continue to give JVN something meaningful to speak about, to a group of individuals that need to hear about HIV. 


What I learned very quickly about opening up and talking about HIV in a vulnerable way is the impact it can have on people that I have never even met. A simple tweet of encourage to nobody in particular can speak volumes to individuals that need just those kind, positive words in their most desperate of circumstances and time in life. I send my positive energy to JVG to be a good steward of the platform and continue to speak life—because it really can be life or death for some.”