I’ve Had A Lot of Doctors Make Assumptions About My Gender And Sexual Identity Without Asking First

By Emily Lowinger June 25, 2019

DJ Pauli Cakes will tell you that they could rant all day about negative healthcare experiences.


From being slut-shamed as a teenager and pressured to take birth control, to being traumatically misgendered and misjudged, Pauli is passionate about speaking out against medical mistreatment — a troubling trend that they say stems from medicine’s colonial and misogynistic past.


“I’ve had a lot of doctors make assumptions about my gender and sexual identity without asking first,” Pauli explained.


“My gender is on the non-binary spectrum. I don’t feel like a woman and I don’t feel like a man. When I go to a doctor and they hyper-feminize me, it makes me feel completely misunderstood and stigmatized. Calling me a woman, assuming I have a boyfriend, and using that kind of language just makes me feel so uncomfortable, traumatized and invalidated.”


When I asked why they wanted to participate in WaxOh’s #WeNeedAButton campaign, they replied: “I want to be an advocate for those who have also experienced similar because I know that a lot of other femmes and queer, trans, non-binary people will experience injustice and discrimination in the health field.”


Pauli receives healthcare services at Callen-Lorde through its LGBTQ youth program, and says they were lucky to be able to find it.


Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to find LGBTQAI-friendly healthcare, which is why #WeNeedAButton.



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