It’s Important To Be Able To Find A Doctor That You Know Has Your Best Interests At Heart

By Group July 03, 2019

Alana Jessica, an NYC-based actress & model, on issues trans people face in terms of healthcare:


“When I was growing up none of the girls were going to doctors or anything. Nobody knew doctors, the doctors wouldn’t see you, they certainly wouldn’t respect you. You’d be treated as if you were a gay male, so you’d be forced into those circumstances and it would, you wouldn’t feel safe going to any kind of doctor.


Ever since I’ve transitioned, I’ve been lucky enough to have the resources to be able to find doctors that were more or less on the same page as me. Mostly their problem is just that I’m a smoker. But today there are still so many trans people who are afraid to see a doctor because of how they’ll be treated, or because they can’t afford it. So instead of getting their medicine from a medical professional, there are trans people who are buying it from people they know, off the streets, or online. They don’t know what they’re putting into their bodies.


The problem at large with trans medicine is that it’s all experimental. There’s little to no research on the medicine that trans people put into their bodies. It’s important to be able to find a doctor that you know has your best interests at heart and isn’t going to just prescribe you something just off of a whim.”


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