It Could Always Be Better

By Courtney Brame May 03, 2019

It’s common to hear the myth that people with STIs are nasty and have a lot of sex. In my experience, this can be true. I have a lot of nasty sex :p haha.


Now that I have you laughing, I host the podcast, Something Positive for Positive People. Today’s episode release really has me feeling some type of way because of the message from the guest, Johana Dominguez.


Johana has been living with genital HSV for more than 8 years. Her takeaway from her experience is that we control what happens in us, there’s always someone there to support you, and she touches on why it was easier to broadcast her status to the infinite number of internet users than her own family, and the tendency to seek distractions in the form of relationships.


While we get major gems dropped here from Johana, the most positive piece of useful information is what I’d like to highlight. We often hear people say that it can always be worse. When you look at things from that angle, you’re proven right by the world around you. You begin to experience more situations where things can “always be worse.” You can make that headspace your new normal unless you take Johana’s advice.


Johana tells us how she used positive affirmations and I challenged her with asking how does that help when you don’t believe it? It would seem like saying, “I am smart, I am beautiful” will only make that negative inner voice get louder when tearing you down. How do we strengthen that powerful, positive inner voice? We add to it. We absorb the energy of resources that the kind of person we see ourselves as would consume. That means using our environment as a tool to constantly challenge our inner voice. It’s harder to believe negative self-talk when what you say, hear, see, and experience around you is all positive assurance.


Through this process, Johana transformed the statement, “it could always be worse” to one that was more accurate: “it could always be better”. When you find yourself in a space where negative self-talk gets to you, know that you have more control over that voice than you think. Yes, it can always be worse. Know that it can always be better if you choose to make it. Listen to Johana’s podcast episode and see for yourself.


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Stay Sex Positive!

Courtney W. Brame is the Founder of Something Positive for Positive People, a hub of sex-positive resources.