Hump Day Humor: Cockblocked By An Elevator

By Group September 18, 2019

Imagine having a hottie on his way over to your place for a steamy, daytime quickie.


Imagine then having to explain that you might be a few minutes late because…you’re trapped in your apartment building’s elevator.


Imagine he doesn’t believe you. He thinks it’s just an excuse and you’re just a flake. The chance, the fate, the flakiness…


Josh Robbins doesn’t have to imagine this scenario because he lived it a few days ago. He was messaging someone who was traveling and going to leave town. Things escalated and the guy was on his way when Robbins returned from going out for breakfast. On the way back up to his apartment, however, he got trapped in the elevator.


“I sent him a message and he replied ‘k,'” says Josh. “After I called for help I returned to the chat and saw that be blocked me. So not only was I trapped in an elevator, but I missed out on seeing this guy.”


Let’s hope Josh gets a discount on rent this month.


Happy Wednesday and stay positive!