How To Show Your Partner You Care…When You’re Broke

By Group December 02, 2019

Are you in love and broke? Feeling like you can’t really “contribute” or “give back” on the same financial level as your partner? Well…keep your head held high, and remember that it’s really not always about money. Try not letting the insecurities set in. It’s tough because it’s the holiday season, and depending on what you celebrate, you may have an expectation that presents need to happen. When you’re broke, there are still ways you can show your loved one that you care, some that involve spending less than usual, and some that require NO money at all.


Cheaper Alternatives

If you’re super broke, the last thing a loving partner would want is for you to go deeper into debt, so maybe this is the year of a cheaper present.

Use price checking sites to monitor costs (for example, camelcamelcamel monitors prices for Amazon products), but also consider setting a limit. Know you don’t have to spend $100 or more to get somebody something nice. You can spend however much you feel comfortable, just build in extra time if possible, to check out as many options as you can.


Crafts: Making something yourself might not be FREE if you need to get supplies, but there are many crafty projects you can do that will be much cheaper than a cashmere sweater but still get the point across that you care and want your partner to have something nice.


Gifts That Require No Money

If spending money this holiday season on presents is out of the question, your partner will understand.



Give your partner a massage. Light a few candles, set the mood, and help ease the tension so many of us hold in our muscles.


Errands + Chores:

It doesn’t sound like the sexiest thing on paper, but taking care of some annoying errands/chores for your partner is a great way to show you care.


Reading Beautiful Words:

It sounds corny, and it is, but reading a poem, short story, or speech to your partner is a grand gesture that doesn’t cost anything. If you want to perhaps add a little cost, write the words you’ll say onto a pretty card that your partner can keep.


Wild Bouquets

Are there parks or trails nearby with wild, pretty plants? Can you grab a few pieces and put together a wild bouquet? Do a little research and make sure know how to identify poisonous plants (for humans and pets) before trying this idea out!


Stay sex positive!