How To Recover After Thanksgiving

By Group November 29, 2019

Do you feel like crap?


These health tips may help you recalibrate back to normal after Turkey Day.


1. Hydrate.

Please!! Even if you weren’t drinking tons of wine, beer, and spirits, all the salty foods that are prevalent on Thankstaking are enough to dehydrate the body. Keep water and OJ nearby. Try not to have too much coffee. And if you can, hold off on the booze for a while.


2. Exercise.

Yeah, it might not be the best idea to run 10 miles (or maybe it is…), but even a walk counts as exercise. Get your body in motion so your metabolism can get to work and your blood can flow and your mind can get some of those lovely endorphins.


3. Do some focused thinking….maybe even some writing.

For many people, Thanksgiving can bring up some emotional¬†stuff.¬†Whether it’s family drama, partner drama, the guilt and shame and confusion surrounding colonialism, there very well may be some stuff to unpack. Take a moment to acknowledge your feelings. Better yet, talk to someone if they’re around. If not, write down your thoughts. It may be helpful to look back on them next year when you’re figuring out your plans.


Stay positive!