How The Government Shutdown Might Affect Your Vacation

By Group January 03, 2019

If you’re currently on vacation you may be in trouble, depending where you’re going.


The US government has been in partial-shutdown mode for nearly two weeks now, leaving dozens of agencies shuttered and employees out of work, including the country’s national parks and museums.


On Wednesday, the Smithsonian announced that all 19 museums located in DC and New York City will be closed to the public due to lack of funds. The National Zoo is also closed, but don’t worry, the animals will still be fed.


Most national parks and attractions are closed, although some states have decided to pour money into keeping them open. Arizona, for example, is keeping the Grand Canyon open, and in New York Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty are still open. Utah is keeping Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park open.


But there’s something to consider: the parks that have remained open are severely understaffed, leaving them ravaged with human waste and trash. Just yesterday, Joshua Tree in California was forced to close yesterday due to overflowing toilets and garbage.


The majestic Arches National Park also had to close during the shutdown because there weren’t enough funds to plow the snowy roads.


So even if your national park vacation spot is open, you might want to wait until the government shutdown is over and things are cleaned up.