Have Your Kink And Eat It Too

By Courtney Brame June 06, 2019

How could Disney have made someone kinky?

How do you know if you’re kinky in the first place?

What’s the difference between being dominant and abusive?

How does being kinky help you in business?

And should you disclose your herpes status in kink scenes?


The answers to all of these questions are in episode 85 of Something Positive for Positive People!


Veronica Yanhs, a multi-passionate Kink & BDSM Educator breaks down all these for us in this episode.


During our chat, we uncover my own personal beliefs about kink and what dominance and submission have looked like in past relationships. I’ve always felt a certain pull toward dominance, because that’s where my arousal leads me. Thing is, there’s a guilt there that created a resistance to naturally falling into what feels right for me and brings me the most pleasure. Veronica’s words opened that up for me to begin to challenge my beliefs and begin to heal that wound by going in and reshaping the story with the truth. So I’m on that journey. After hearing this episode, what journey will you be on?



About Veronica 

Veronica is a multi-passionate entrepreneur on a mission to strip people bare—of the expectations and limiting beliefs that do not serve them—so they can thrive unapologetically exactly as they are.

From systems to spankings, she emboldens womxn to leverage their pleasure and power in business and the bedroom with Business Laid Bare (systems for creatives and entrepreneurs that scale and save their sanity) and Desires Laid Bare (kink education for beginners in a fun and shame-free way).

She gets all hot and bothered by diligent process, thoughtful protocols, and high-quality service: from the spreadsheets to the bedsheets.



Stay positive!

Courtney W. Brame is the Founder of Something Positive for Positive People, a hub of sex-positive resources. 
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