‘We Have To Worry About An Uncomfortable Interaction On Top Of Everything Else’

By Dating.com Group June 25, 2019

Jarry Lee is an NYC-based model, actor, and journalist originally from England, Wales, and Connecticut.


She recently appeared on Netflix’s first dating docuseries, DATING AROUND, and was interviewed by WaxOh editor, Emily Lowinger, for the #WeNeedAButton Campaign, on why it’s so important for LGBTQAI people to know which healthcare providers will treat them with dignity and respect.


“I identify as queer/bi and I’ve definitely had some pretty uncomfortable experiences in terms of healthcare and having doctors ask questions that were uncomfortable or even bordering on kind of ignorant,” Jarry said.


“One time, I saw this doctor and I was asking about the side effects that I was experiencing from the birth control I was on. I was anxious about it and worried. She had suggested something along the lines of, ‘Well, if you only saw women, you wouldn’t have to worry about getting pregnant. You wouldn’t have to be on birth control so you wouldn’t have to worry about these side effects.’


It’s just so awkward when you you go in to ask about medical advice and you get lifestyle advice. It’s very awkward. For me, in that situation, I wanted to know about the birth control and the side effects and very specific medical things. It’s like, why am I getting advice on changing something about me when all I want is more information about the drug I’m taking? I already feel bad about the health issue, which is why anyone is going to a doctor in the first place. I don’t need to also worry about an uncomfortable interaction on top of everything else.”


Why #WeNeedAButton

“It’s important to have access to doctors who are queer-friendly so you know you can feel comfortable instead of going in and being surprised by someone who is treating you terribly because of your sexual orientation.”