Fall Dogs That You’re Guaranteed to Fall In Love With…We Swear!

By Dating.com Group September 09, 2019
Fall dogs

Dogs are always there for us: for the good times, the bad times, the happy times, the sad times. They’re also there for the amazingly photogenic times. Hence…cute dog pics! Dogs are our best friend no matter what the season. They’re our pool buds in the summer, our hiking buddies in the spring, our cuddle buds in the winter. In celebration of the approaching autumn, enjoy these fall dogs living their best fall lives 🙂



1) Pretty in pink doggo

another cute fall dog

So cute we can’t stand it!!


2) Pumpkin pup fall dogs

What are you gonna do with those pumpkins? Huh?


3) Camouflage dog

If you look hard enough, the dog almost fully blends into the background….


4) Speedy dog

So tiny and cute! This has got to be the cutest of all the fall dogs. Right? Well maybe not, because the only thing better than one cute dog is….two.


5) Happy dog friends 🙂

fall dogs

Best buds 🙂



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Stay positive everyone!