Episode 114: Slutty Solutions – Something Positive for Positive People

By Courtney Brame January 08, 2020

Lorrae is here to reclaim “slut” and empower women. We discuss the We Need a Button Campaign advocating for empathetic, queer friendly, shame free care and Lorrae’s experiencing shame by care providers in the past. It’s important that we receive this shame free care as it creates space for providers and patients to best work together in order for the best treatment to be provided. We discuss dick pics, slut-shamers, partners disclosing their STI status, sex party etiquette, and of course changing the narrative around sluttiness.


Enjoy this episode with the vibrant Lorrae Jo, Founder of Slutty Girl Problems.


Lorrae Jo believes every woman deserves an awesome, loving relationship with her partner(s), her sex life, and herself – and it’s her mission to make sure that happens. Her goal is to empower women. to create the life and love they crave – with relationship, mindset, and wellness tools to live adventurous, free, and happy AF. For as long as she can remember, Lorrae’s been interested in sexuality. Since college, it’s been her passion. In kindergarten, she got in trouble for kissing boys on the playground. As soon as she learned how to use a computer, she was up late learning about sex from porn (not the best sex-ed tool, but she worked with what she had).



Enjoy and stay sex positive!