DP Surveyed 766 People with STIs on Politics and Here Are the Results

By Dating.com Group November 07, 2018

The election results are in! The house turned blue, the senate stayed red, and Texas will probably continue to have subpar sex-ed.


Now onto the fun part. DatingPositives surveyed hundreds of people to find out what they think about sex, dating, love, living with STIs, and politics.


Some results are eye-opening. Some, not so much.


Americans with STIs want better sexual health education.

Most people surveyed (33%) said that if they could, they would force the government to educate people on safer sex and the availability of Valtrex and other meds.


25% of people said they would make lying about STI status illegal. Well, we got news for those folks: in many places, it already is illegal to lie about STI status.


22% of people surveyed said they would make stigma of STIs illegal. Now, that’s interesting. Stigma is a huge problem. Perhaps if there were less stigma surrounding STIs, then more people would get tested, and more people would be open about their status.


20% of folks surveyed said they would just take a giant dump on the constitution. So that’s that.


At least the majority (even a slim majority) realize that access to education surrounding sex and sexual health is the only way forward to build a safer and healthier society.


The next president is predicted to be a woman!

35% of people surveyed said they think a woman is most likely to be elected president. In second place was a single president who is dating, not far ahead of a porn star president and an LGBTQ president. Hmmm…What about a queer woman president, who maybe dabbled in porn before getting into politics?


Legislative branch thought to have most STIs out of any other government branch.

According to these results, slightly more people feel that the legislative branch (i.e., Congress) has the most STIs out of the three branches of government. Maybe they should pass more laws to ensure better, common-sense sex-ed in schools!!!


Democrats are thought to be the best lovers.

What a close call! By only a few percentage points, more people felt that Democrats would make the best lovers.


Do you agree?


Americans are sick of politics.

A third of those surveyed said that — in lieu of taking a nude selfie or eating inside a voting booth — they’d be more likely to just wish that politics would just go away! That’s sad.


Americans are looking for someone whose political views match their own.

It’s not surprising that in this sharply divided political climate, 72% of those surveyed said that when dating, they are looking for someone whose political views are the same or very similar to their own.


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