The Dos and Don’ts of Dating Profiles

By Group February 10, 2020
Photo by Clarisse Meyer
Dating profiles are a bit of a catch 22. You’re in a position to be judged so quickly, but at the same time you also make snap judgments about the people you see in your queue.
So how do you go about make a dating profile  – a good one?
We decided to ask Waxoh contributors Jessica and Jaimie what their preferences are when it comes to browsing profiles.
Here’s what they said!


Let the left swipe speak for itself AKA, you don’t have to list deal-breakers on your profile.
As a woman, Jessica says, there’s no bigger turnoff than seeing a a profile with “instructions” on what they’re looking for or not looking for in a woman’s profile. She’s seen profiles with instructions for others like these:
  • No duckfaces
  • Don’t start a conversation with ‘hey’
  • Don’t want someone obsessed with Instagram
“Even though they’re trying to express their interest/disinterest in certain qualities, I just think it’s really abrasive, especially on apps where women have to start the conversation first,” Jessica said. “Women have it hard enough! Don’t come at us making demands when there hasn’t been any interaction yet whatsoever. Of course everyone has preferences and tastes but there’s also a reason you swipe left. Let the swipe speak for itself!”
Have realistic sexpectations.
Group Photos – No more than one.
“I hate when people have >1 group photo on a profile. It’s annoying to have to figure out for yourself who the person is.”

“NO group photos – one is fine maybe like mid-way through your pics, but if I can’t tell which one you are by the second photo then I’ll probably be swiping left.”



If you need a more in-depth dating profile-pic explainer, watch Josh Robbin’s tips for profile pics and think of ways you can make your profile stand out.


Be safe, and stay sex positive!