Don’t Assume Anything Day AKA Coming Out Day 2019

By Emily Lowinger October 11, 2019

Happy Coming Out Day, to those who are celebrating.


To those who have just newly come out, to those who have been out since they were 2, to those working towards that day they can come out and feel safe, to those who are happy and fine to live without sexuality being public knowledge.


This day is about all of us…because unfortunately in today’s world, being “out” isn’t always an option. It isn’t always safe. It is sometimes against the law for us to live our lives the way we want to. So, we all need to respect each other’s boundaries because only each of us can decide what level of outness is safe.


This is a day worth at least reflecting on.


What does it even mean to be “out?”


How can society be adjusted so the burden of coming out is removed from the pressures queer people face?


Why do other people care so much about other people’s sexuality?


In June of this year we celebrated Stonewall50, and WorldPrice in New York City.

WaxOh was a media sponsored of Pride, and launched the #WeNeedAButton campaign.


We were astounded by how many people have negative healthcare stories, and by how often medical professionals seem to assume things about their patients. So often, they assume patients fit neatly inside of heteronormativity.


Those assumptions, by doctors, nurses, and everyone we interact with is what creates a need to “come out.”


What if instead, it was just assumed that adults have relationships with other consenting adults?


More and more these days, there are reflections of a shift in this direction. Some parents aren’t as quick to put gender onto their children, some schools have gender neutral bathrooms, and some doctor’s offices have way more comprehensive options when it comes to selecting sexuality & gender options on paperwork.


Let’s keep going. It requires us all to acknowledge the degree to which bias and stereotypes affect our thinking. Let’s try to keep an open mind. You can’t assume anything today.