DatingPositives Endorses “U=U”

By Group December 05, 2018

DatingPositives, a social platform for people living with STIs to connect, meet, and find love and community, is proud to endorse the Consensus Statement by the Prevention Access Campaign which states that “Undetectable Equals Untransmittable (U=U).” As part of its mission to provide a safe and welcoming social experience for those living with STIs, DatingPositives is committed to spreading the message of U=U across its various channels.


Hard science has proven that people living with HIV who are on antiretroviral therapy (ART) and have an undetectable viral load have zero risk of transmitting HIV to a sexual partner. As an official community partner, DatingPositives is now part of a network of hundreds of organizations who have officially endorsed the statement, including the CDC. The U=U message is a grounded, scientific response aimed at educating the public and combatting the stigma that people living with HIV still face today.


“We have a lot of people signing up for DatingPositives precisely because of the stigma they experience on other platforms,” said Maria Sullivan, Chief Dating Officer at DatingPositives. “Nobody should be stigmatized or ruled out for a relationship for being honest and responsible. It’s important for people to understand that someone who is honest about their HIV status and who is adhering to treatment to the point that their viral load is undetectable poses no risk of infecting someone with HIV. We are honored to be a community partner so we can add our voice to this conversation in a positive, meaningful way.”


NOTE: An undetectable HIV viral load only prevents HIV transmission to sexual partners. Condoms also help prevent HIV transmission as well as other STIs and pregnancy. The choice of HIV prevention method may be different depending upon a person’s sexual practices, circumstances, and relationships. For instance, if someone is having sex with multiple partners or is in a non-monogamous relationship, they might consider using condoms to prevent other STIs.