Cute Weird ‘Pets’

By Group May 16, 2019

What is a pet, anyway? A companion? A service animal? A co-worker? All or none of the above?


We found some cute pet alternatives to cats and dogs, but WARNING: not all are low-maintenance or apartment-friendly.


Blue & yellow macaw parrots.
Depending on when you get one, they might outlive you!


Turtles.Cute, but sometimes a bit smelly!


You can even get a harness for this guy and take him on a walk!





An axolotl is a part of the salamander family, but like other amphibians, it never grows lungs and moves out of the water. Originating from Mexico, axolotls are considered endangered. They can live for up to 15 years, and grow to be a foot long. They’re cute and weird!




They’re pretty low-maintenance farm animals. They want to chill and eat grass and hay, etc.

They are herd animals. They need space and other llamas. If they don’t spend enough time with other llamas, they can develop berserk llama syndrome. Google that. It’s a thing. Really. It’s when llamas don’t get enough bonding time with other llamas, and they begin exhibiting dangerous and highly aggressive behavior towards humans.

But if all goes well, you get a cute friend who you can shave once a year. Llama / alpaca fleece is pretty valuable.



Kind of like horses, but different.