Branching Into Human Connection Via Healthcare And Technology

By Courtney Brame August 05, 2019

Healthcare is life. And the kind of healthcare one has access to makes all the difference.


When you meet good people doing good things, you try and help them do it better. My most recent interviewee, Tyler, works for an organization called Trek Coalition, which has the goal of providing comprehensive care that reaches the needs of underdeveloped communities through people and technology.


Connected through a mutual friend, Tyler and I spoke about our nonprofit resources and how our goals aligned in the reproductive wellness space. It was when he talked specifically about one particular patient who was met by compassion and empathy from a physician who exercised presence that really hammered home the importance that he share that story and that space was created on this podcast for this organization that provides cervical cancer screenings for women in Ecuador and its surrounding areas, and much more.



As the group continues to serve the population in rural Ecuador, Trek Coalition has a multifaceted approach to create a lasting impact for the patients it serves.


The short term goal is to partner with sustainable and trusted organizations that are already established in countries and provide them with professionals willing to help. These professionals can be in a multitude of medical disciplines including General Medicine, Ophthalmology, Pediatrics, OGBYN, Physical Therapy and Public Health.


The long term goal is to develop a technology platform that collects and stores patient records for in-country organizations. With greater insight into patient history and medical information, better care can be provided both in the short and long term. With presence of physicians in-country, adequate training and education will grow in lockstep with the platform.


Trek returns to Ecuador this August to provide care to over 800 indigenous Ecuadorians, offering general medicine, ophthalmology, women’s health, dentistry and physical therapy. Trek will also be piloting their electronic health records system that we are developing to track cervical cancer screenings by connecting a number of non-profits and NGOs in the region.


Trek Coalition inaugural Fundraiser Gala on September 21 in Market Square Pittsburgh. It will be a fun night of drinks, food and giving the gift of charity to support Trek as they work to improve access to healthcare around the world. For info and registration, see and for any donations see


Visit for more information.

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