Are You Ready To Start Dating Again?

By Group January 21, 2020

Sometimes you’re in dating mode, other times you’re not. Sometimes you take a break, especially after a big, life-changing event, like a break-up, divorce, or even an STI diagnosis.


But how do you know when it’s time to get back on the apps and sites, like


It’s different for everyone, but here’s what other people say:


“I don’t think you KNOW when you’re ready. I think sometimes people find themselves there when they get lonely. A healthy way of being ready I guess is when you’re able to articulate your needs and communicate what you’re able to give to another person.”

-Courtney Brame, St. Louis





“I don’t know that there is ever a magical moment that will tell someone that they are ready for dating online or on apps, but rather they want to add to their dating options (instead of a bar, grocery store or dog park). For me, I had to get over the stigma of meeting someone online or an app and release that anxiety, remembering that if I was on there that there must be someone like me also available. The secret was making sure that I completed the profile and took my time in selecting which pictures and videos to showcase the real me. I also chose not to be on EVERY app or website so that I didn’t get overwhelmed. It made it all possible to manage because I also didn’t want to spend all my time on my phone and my laptop.”

-Josh Robbins, Nashville



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