If Your Date Does Any of the Things On this List, GTFO!

By Dating.com Group March 20, 2019

Sometimes it’s hard to tell who sucks in the moment, especially on a first date when nerves, anticipation, and instant attraction often get in the way. Plus, maybe it’s been a while and you’re thirsty for attention, validation, and the potential of a relationship.


That’s fine, but hopefully we can all agree that life is way too short to waste on assholes. If you do agree, keep reading. If you disagree and want to spend time getting attached to someone who will treat you like shit, then read this instead.


The best way to avoid getting intimately involved with a jerk is to weed them out EARLY.


So here are some major red flags to look out as you meet new people for coffee, drinks, or dinner.


Potential Asshole Indicators:


1) They don’t take off their AirPods during the date.
Aside from looking ridiculous, this is a sign that they can’t do something simple (like taking AirPods out of their ears) to assure you that they are fully present and paying attention to you.

This is related to behaviors like constantly checking their phone or texting during the date. It’s not polite and you don’t need that! Pretend you’re getting an important call and GTFO!


2) They’re rude to the waitstaff.
Oh no. This is a sign that they enjoy power tripping. What’s going to happen if they ever get power over you?


3) They shit-talk their ex like it’s a sport.
What’s worse, someone who says nice things about their ex on a date or someone who shit-talks their ex on a date?

TRICK QUESTION: those are both major red flags. You don’t want to hear about someone’s ex on a first date, but you definitely don’t want to hear someone trash-talking a person they were once in a relationship with. Check!


4) They slut shame and/or STI shame.
If someone starts slut shaming or STI shaming they are giving you solid information on their worldview.

Do you want someone who holds conservative and sex-negative views on sexuality? I don’t think so! Check!!!!!!


5) They talk nonstop about themselves.
Let me know when your memoir comes out, honey. CHECK!


6) They insult you.
This shouldn’t have to be explained, but we’re gonna anyway. If someone’s insulting you on a date, THEY AREN’T WORTH IT! RUN AWAY! Life is too short for that bullshit. Maybe their just joking? Who cares?!

Do you want to spend your time with someone who doesn’t take you seriously? I don’t think so.