5 Ways You Can Be Safe(r) And More Sex Positive On Halloween

By Dating.com Group October 31, 2019

Halloween is here!


For those who are going out, here are 5 ways to be safer and more sex positive!!


1) Remember that the rules of consent still apply tonight!

It’s scorpio season and it’s Halloweeeeeeeeen BUT….you need active consent for an act to be consensual!


Consent is only granted for that specific time and for the specific request. Consent can be withdrawn at any time.


It’s a spooky night. People may dress up, imbibe alcohol and other drugs, and that’s fine, it just doesn’t change the fact that consent is needed, just like any other night!



2) Party in groups + a tip for party hosts.

Go out with pals you trust to have your back. This includes being willing to leave an unsafe situation.


*Pro tip for parties with mind-altering substances:

Party hosts: consider having volunteers (or you could do it, since you’re hosting) who are completely sober and who can be the go-tos in case there is a violation or an issue that comes up. Sort of a party referee / bouncer. Sometimes things spin out of control simply because everyone is inebriated. It doesn’t always have to be that way, and it’s less likely to be that way if a few folks are sober.



3) Bystanders…don’t stand by!

If you see something weird, say something. This is when the party refs come in handy, but if you’re not at a place where there are friendly faces, try and make yourself available (if it’s safe) to someone who may be in trouble.



4) Mind the drinks.

Keep track of how much you’re consuming, to keep yourself at a safe limit, and make sure you and your group don’t leave your drinks unattended.



5) Feel the vibes.

If things don’t feel right, say something, or LEAVE!


But most of all,