5 Ways To Self-Care On Valentine’s Day

By Dating.com Group February 13, 2020

It’s easy to hate Valentine’s Day and sure, lots of people resent it. But whether you’re anti-Vday or pro-Vday, single, cuffed, or in multiple relationships, here are some ways to treat yourself on the 14th, brought to you by the Dating.com Group crew!


1) Take a luxurious bath.

When was the last time you did that? If you have a tub, treat yourself to a nice, long, soak. Go crazy and light some candles, put in some bubbles, put on some tunes, bring a book, and you’re ready to relax!!


2) Go dancing.

Dancing is proven to reduce stress and make your mind healthier. What better way to spend the “day of love” than busting some moves on the dance floor and feeling pure joy??


3) Make some art.

Who cares if it’s bad? Bust out those paints, pens, or colored pencils or whatever art tools you like best, and make something. You can set up a craft night with friends, lovers, or do a solo art project. There’s nothing like the satisfaction of creating something new.


4) Get a massage.

You could get one from a professional. Or you could trade massages with a new special someone 😉


5) Drink some wine and check out the hotties on Dating.com!

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Stay sexy & sex-positive XOXO