5 Dates You Won’t Believe

By Dating.com Group April 10, 2019

…or maybe you will!


We asked people to tell us about the most out-of-the-box date they’d ever been on and here are the top 5:



1) “We went to the airport and sat on the hood of a car to watch planes take off/land.”


When Jaelyn from Louisville, KY was asked out on this unusual date, she was all-in.


“But then only like 1 plane landed so it was very anticlimactic – but the intention was pretty cool.”



2) “He took me to a shooting range. It was my first time ever firing a gun…and I did better than him.”


It was Maria’s second date with Tom. Their first drinks date was alright, and she wanted to give him another shot – pun intended.


At the shooting range, Tom was a little too enthusiastic, and did not offer particularly helpful or supportive comments on Maria’s shooting. “I hit the center circle on the target several times and honestly, I feel like I did better overall,” says Maria, who hails from Phoenix, AZ.


She and Tom mutually stopped texting after the date. “I think the words I used were, “Well, that was interesting.”



3) “I met someone cute online and they asked to hang out, so I told them they could come run errands with me…and they were down!”


Nora was feeling a bit overwhelmed by life but that didn’t stop her from searching for connection. “I matched with someone and we were messaging and really hitting it off,” says Nora, who lives in New York City.


“She asked me if I wanted to meet up, and I remember staring at my giant pile of laundry and deliberating. In the end, I didn’t want to say no, but I only have one day off and that’s my day to take care of everything.”


So like a true New Yorker, Nora decided to multitask. She asked her match – who we’ll call Nell – if she wanted to accompany her on her errands. To her surprise, Nell said yes.


“It was actually really awesome. She came with me to the laundromat, to the grocery store, to the bike shop…it felt oddly normal.”


Nora and Nell wound up dating for over a year. They’re still friends to this day.



4) “I passed up my one chance to go to Stripperoke (karaoke with strippers dancing around you while you sing) in Portland so I could chill in Beaverton with someone cute I met at a party.”


Jason was on tour and only had one night in Portland, Oregon. He was psyched and ready to hit Stripperoke, but then found out that the cute girl he met at a party in Seattle the night before was nearby…in Beaverton.


“At first I was bummed out because I was gonna miss my one night out in Portland…but by the next morning, when we were at Tom’s Pancake House having a goodbye breakfast after our awesome night together, I was like, this is totally worth it.”



5) Netflix and ILL


Dan was totally into Reyna. It seemed mutual. They had one really awesome date on a Friday and planned to see each other that Sunday. But then, Reyna got sick with a bad cold.


“She texted me and said she wasn’t doing that well, but also that she was sad that she had to cancel,” says Dan, who is Knoxville-based. “So I said, ‘Well, why don’t I bring you some soup?'”


Dan brought homemade chicken noodle soup and the two hung out and watched movies. Dan kept his distance (mostly) and says he didn’t get sick. “Even if I did, it would have been worth it,” he says.


Dan and Reyna are still together.




Do you have a date experience that top the ones on this list? Leave us a comment!


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