5 Halloween Costumes You’ll Definitely See This Year

By Dating.com Group October 02, 2019

Halloween is 29 days away. Do you know what you’re gonna be? Well…even if you don’t yet, here are 5 Halloween costumes you’ll definitely see this year.


1_Stranger Things


Oh the 80s nostalgia…It’s kind of a no duh that we’ll all be seeing all kinds of Halloween interpretations of this Netflix hit, especially with all the buzz surrounding season 3.

Plus, dressing up as a Stranger Things character is a pretty low-key, affordable option as far as Halloween costumes go. A trip to the Goodwill or a rummage through mom’s closet will probably be all you need.


Unless…you opt to dress up as Robin and/or Steve in their Scoops uniforms. That may not be as cheap or easy to put together.



2_Harry Potter


Sure, the books are kind of old news, but there are always new generations of Harry Potter readers, which is why this costume is never going away.


Plus, what better time to dress up as a witch or wizard than Halloween?



Every costume store has HP stuff, whether you want to be a Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff. It’s also another cheap and easy DIY option: just grab an old graduation gown, a tie, and pick up a stick in the park and you’re set!




3_Russian Doll


If you have any redhead friends, be prepared to see them dressed up as Nadia on Halloween.


For those who haven’t seen this show (also on Netflix), it centers around Nadia (Natasha Lyonne), a dry, pessimistic, New Yorker who gets trapped in a strange loop in time (think Groundhog Day). She keeps reliving the same party and dies in a different way each time. Perfect for Halloween.



4_ Pennywise and Georgie


People love freaky clowns this time of year.



5_ The Joker



With Joker coming out in theaters this Friday, you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be plenty of copy cats on Halloween.


Stay positive everyone!