3 Ways To Rethink Romance In 2019

By Brendan Windsor December 13, 2018

For some, finding love isn’t as easy as the Hallmark Channel’s Christmas movies portray it to be. If your 2018 was a disaster in terms of love, the new year is the perfect time for a fresh start. But I challenge you: instead of blaming your romantic misfortunes on the lack of attractive, smart, funny people (who also happen to be millionaires), try putting it on YOU. You can’t control other people, but you can control how you approach dating. Here are 3 ways to rethink sex and love in 2019 that are guaranteed to help.



Expand Your Dating Pool


Everyone has different tastes in the music they like to listen to, foods they like to eat, and the kinds of people they like to date. Of course, when it comes to finding a love interest, people can be pickier than children with their vegetables. Unsurprisingly, these tend to be the same people who complain about the dating market and how slim the pickings are. When you limit yourself to only dating specific people, you hinder yourself from leading a happier and healthier romantic life and minimize your chances of finding real love. Continuously worrying about whether someone is too short, too big, hot enough, or makes enough money is not the way you want to spend your life. Begin to explore the dating market and allow yourself to enjoy the abundance of men and women of all sizes, ethnicities, and beliefs. Who knows, you may just find your happily ever after.


Live Your Best Sex Life


Just because you’re not in a “relationship” doesn’t mean you can’t have great sex. I know, I know, it’s much easier said than done but it’s not impossible, especially when you have an open mind and communicate honestly. Sex can increase happiness, lower stress, strengthen a relationship (even a casual one), help you lose weight, and bring new life into the world—literally and figuratively. Heck, sometimes I wish we could vote sex into the White House. It would truly make America great again. With the level of sexual openness in the world today, you can find a partner almost anywhere now to explore your sexual fantasies without any judgment. Some dating apps even offer your partner and you the opportunity to find others interested in group sex activities. It doesn’t matter who or what you’re into doing, as long as you’re practicing safely. Just don’t let your fantasies and desires go to waste during a time when it’s okay to be so free.


Be More Nonchalant


For centuries now, generations of people have been brainwashed into feeling that if they’re not married, starting a family, or in any kind of so-called “relationship” with someone, they’re a failure. This line of thinking causes some to fall into depression and it causes others to rush into relationships and push for big commitments. Rushing love or forcing a relationship to progress into something serious is not only wrong, but unhealthy. We hear the phrase “you only get one life” so often yet we focus on living out other people’s beliefs instead of our own.


I’m here to tell you that you will survive if you don’t have a spouse and children by the age of 30. Life definitely continues on afterwards. If you feel like you just haven’t found your person yet – whether it’s online or offline – don’t fret. Sometimes you just need to stop searching and allow others to find you when it’s time. Letting things happen organically is when you find some of the best love around. There’s nothing wrong with taking your time to find someone you want to be with and there’s nothing wrong if you  want a few people to be with—obviously if they’re all okay with that. Just take your time and live life the way you want – rushing will only frustrate you and possibly others.